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National anthem:Isle of Beauty, Isle of Shine
This national anthem was adopted in 1967 when it achieved independence.Written by Wilfredo Oscar Morgan Pond and composed by Remuel McPherson Christian.

Dominica (Dominica, English: Commonwealth of Dominica) is a republican nation whose territory covers the entire Dominica island, which is located in the northernmost part of the Windward Islands, which constitutes the West Indies of the Caribbean Sea. It is an island country, with French Guadeloupe in the northwest and Martinique in the southeast across the sea. The capital is Roseau.

It was a former British colony and is now a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The island is rich in nature and is home to a wide variety of plants in the Caribbean, known as the "Caribbean Botanical Gardens." It is also one of the few Caribbean countries where the Caribbean natives of the Caribbean (Kalinago) survive, and is known for its fierce resistance to European colonial measures until the 18th century. It is written as Dominican Republic to distinguish it from the Dominican Republic located in the eastern part of Hispaniola Island.

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