Message from the performer

A message from the performers who appeared this time to everyone.
Having such a valuable opportunity, I felt very close to the Caribbean countries and regions.
Please watch it to convey the joy of coming into contact with the unique culture of each country.


MochizukiMarina (violin)

After graduating from Toho Gakuen College of Music after graduating from Toho Gakuen High School Music Department, completed the Graduate School of Music and Orchestra Academy. Received the Japanese Classical Music Competition Good Performance Award. Finalist of the Yokohama International Music Competition. Performed at the La Folle Journe Music Festival. He has performed with many musicians and groups in Japan and overseas. Held a solo recital in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Co-starred with a local orchestra and concerto. Studied violin under Sachiko Oda, Shizuko Ishii, Paolo Francescani, and Pablo Ziegler. He is focusing on various performance activities and guidance for younger generations. Presided over the music class studio M in Yoyogi-Uehara.

HaseMirei (piano)

Born in Toho Girls' High School Music Department and Toho Gakuen University Music Department. Studied under Sojiro Yomura, Genichiro Murakami, and Alexander Rosler.
The 25th Kanagawa Music Competition Youth Piano Division Special Selection. Passed the overseas master class dispatcher subsidy audition in 2010. Participate in a master class with full grant. Acquired the Diploma of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Currently working as an exclusive pianist for Town News Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Hiroo Shibasaki (cello)

Born in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, graduated from Kunitachi Junior High School, and graduated from Toho Gakuen College.
He has studied cello under Miyazawa, Masahide Mito, and Hakuro Mori, and chamber music under Genichiro Murakami, Koichiro Sato, Yumino Toyoda, Tsugio Tokunaga, Hideki Kitamoto, and Yusuke Noda.
In 2012, attended Pablo Ziegler's master class.

IwashitaMana (piano)

Born in Uto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Completed the piano major at Tokyo University of the Arts and the chamber music major at the same graduate school. Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy 5th Fellow. Assistant Professor, Department of Chamber Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Performed with domestic and international orchestras such as the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra. He is also active in delivering performances to people who have no connection with classical music, and performs consolation performances in the disaster area and business trip performances to the local community.

Riyo Soejima (Trombone)

After working at Tokyo University of the Arts Music High School and Tokyo University of the Arts, he trained as a music warrior in Germany for nine years. Currently Deputy Chief Trombonist of Sun Symphony Orchestra in Hanoi, Vietnam. He has performed as a guest performer at the Berlin German Opera, the Brandenburg State Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra, the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Schoenebeck Chamber Orchestra in Central Germany, the Thuringian Saalfeld Symphony Orchestra, and the Philharmonia Orchestra of the University of the Arts.

KodaSachi (violin)

Born in Hokkaido. Winners in various domestic competitions. Participated in PMF (Pacific Music Festival) in 2017 and 2018. Selected as the principal player in the performance in 2018. Received a recommendation from PMF and boarded a PEACE BOAT cruise around Japan and performed in Vladivostok and Hokkaido. Reported in many media such as Russian media. Completed the master's program at Toho Gakuen University Graduate School after working at Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts. Currently, he belongs to Sony Music "STAND UP! ORCHESTRA" and is a performance assistant at Senzoku Gakuen. He has studied violin under Yori Ikegami, Reiko Shiraishi, Tsugio Tokunaga, and Hamao Fujiwara.

Shiori Miyano (piano)

Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Art High School Music Department and went to France. He graduated from the Piano Department of the Paris National Conservatory of Music with a unanimous chief, and at the same time graduated from the Accompaniment and Chamber Music Department of the Conservatory of Music and the Chamber Music Department of the Boulogne National Conservatory of Music. Winner and prize in domestic and international competitions such as the 88th Leopold Belan International Music Competition Chamber Music Division 1st prize. In addition, he has been active in various fields such as recitals at music festivals in Toulouse, France, concerts in various places, co-starring with a string quartet by members of the Vienna Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, and invited performances at the French ambassador's residence in Japan. ing.

KomodaHonoka (piano)

Born in Aichi prefecture. After graduating from the Music Department of Kikuzato High School in Nagoya City, he graduated from the Piano Course of the Department of Music, Faculty of Music, Aichi University of the Arts. Currently enrolled in the 1st year of the Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts Graduate School of Keyboard Instruments. The 3rd Kariya International Music Competition General Category Excellence Award. The 18th Chopin International Piano Competition in Asia Bronze Award at the Asian Games in the University and General Division. Performed at the famous song concert by the selected members of the university in 2017 and the 51st subscription concert in 2018. Received the 2019 Outstanding Student Award and paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of Aichi Prefecture.
He has studied under Hiroaki Kumamoto, Emiko Endo, Hideto Nishikawa, and Irina Chukovskaya.

Yu Usami (violin)

Born in Aichi prefecture. Started playing the violin at the age of three. After graduating from the Music Department of Nagoya City Kikuzato High School, he graduated from the Faculty of Music, Aichi University of the Arts. Selected for the 66th All Japan Student Music Competition Nagoya Tournament High School. Participated in the 3rd Munetsugu Hall String Quartet Competition and attended a master class. Appeared in "Chamber Music Fun," "Chamber Music Evening," and "49th Graduation Concert" selected by the university. He has studied violin under Akiko Hanai, Yoko Morishita, Sonoko Numata, and Reiko Shiraishi, and chamber music under Yuki Hyakutake and Kaoru Hanasaki. Currently, he is active as a violin and viola player, focusing on chamber music.

Munehisa Takahashi (violin)

After graduating from the Faculty of Music, Toho Gakuen University, completed the master's program at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.
Currently, he is the second violin deputy principal player of the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra. Appeared in Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, etc. as guest chief.
He holds the qualification of the first sake liquor in the classical industry, and holds the event "Sake and classical music", which has been well received. Currently, he is gaining experience as an intern at the liquor store "Sake Kozo" in Osaka.

Mari Suenaga (cello)
Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of Strings. While attending school, he went to France and studied at Paris Ecole Normale. After returning to Japan, he will perform and record the works of contemporary French composers. He has studied under Hiroshi Matsuda, Noboru Kamimura, Philip Muret, and the late Reine Frasho. Received the Kirishima International Music Festival Encouragement Award. Currently a cellist of the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra.

Lily Tanaka (violin)
After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts Music High School, completed the university and graduate school.Performed with Geidai Philharmonia as a soloist in Geidai. Received the same voice award when graduating from university. Appeared in the same voice party rookie concert. After graduating from graduate school, moved to Germany. Studied under Daniel Guedé in Nuremberg. Selected for the 61st All Japan Student Music Competition Junior High School Tokyo Tournament. First prize in the ensemble section of the 12th Osaka International Competition. Received the Kobe Mayor's Award. Second prize in the 2nd Munetsugu Hall String Quartet Competition.Currently, in addition to recitals in Tokyo, he is engaged in activities such as recording commercials and animation, orchestra, and chamber music.

Tomojun Matsuhashi (piano)
Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture in 1990. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts Music High School and Tokyo University of the Arts, he graduated from the same graduate school. The 1st Chopin International Piano Competition in ASIA National Competition Excellence Award. First prize in the 5th Japanese Performers Competition. Second prize in the 21st Les Splendel Music Competition. Jury Prize at the 9th Rosenstock International Piano Competition. 3rd prize in the 36th Finale Ligure International Piano Competition. Upon completion of graduate school, he received the Geidai Clavier Award, which is given to those with excellent grades.

TanakaTakuya (saxophone)
Completed the Faculty of Music and Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts.Received the 1st prize in the 25th Japan Percussion Instrument Competition, the Special Grand Prize, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award, and the Governor of Tokyo Award.Winner of the 6th Adolphe Sax International Competition.Blue Aurora Saxophone Quartet Alto PlayerPart-time lecturer at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.

Shohei Yamaji (piano)
After graduating from the piano department of Tokyo Metropolitan Art High School, he graduated from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Piano Course.
Studied under Michiko Satake, Masako Honda, Yukie Sekine, Yasuko Sugimoto, and Mitsuyo Yamamoto.The 22nd and 23rd Piano Audition Encouragement Awards sponsored by the Japan Piano Education Federation.Performed in the small hall of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan at the 11th Newcomer Concert of the Japan Piano Tutor Association.Currently teaching at the piano class "Sonale no Kai". Part-time lecturer at Yokohama Children's College.One million classical live certified performers. Blog & Concert Schedule