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National Anthem: Song of the King of the Tonga Islands (Tonga: Ko e fasi'oe tu'i'oe'Otu Tonga)
In Tonga's daily life, it is often simply called fasi fakafonua (national anthem). The song, written by Prince Uelingatoni Ngū Tupoumalohi and composed by Karl Gustav Schmidt, was enacted in the National Anthem in 1875.

Kingdom of Tonga (Tonga Okuku), commonly known as Tonga, is a nation consisting of about 170 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, and is one of the member countries of the United Kingdom. Located in Polynesia of Oceania, south of Samoa and east of Fiji, the capital Nukualofa is located on Tongatapu Island, the largest island.

The head is the king. There is a constitutional monarchy and a unicameral legislative assembly (consisting of 9 members of the cabinet and 9 members of the noble family and 17 members of the public election), but the king has many powers.The nation consists of three classes: royal family, aristocrats, and commoners. Change of status is basically not allowed. There is no official record other than the case where Prince Onaraibahamamao was stripped of the title of a royal family because he married a daughter of a commoner in 1980 and became a commoner. Although there is a status system, the Constitution stipulates that all laws apply equally to all statuses.

Koda Sachi (Vn.)

Hirao Yui(Pf.)


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